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Product Name: Love Commands

Author Name: Scott Foster

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If you’re a female, then this is going to be the most valuable message you’ll ever see. Are you trying to get an ex back who’s gone into the arms of another woman? If you want to know how to win your man back and avoid further heartbreak, just read this Love Commends program developed by Scott Foster.. This program reveals psychologically hidden messages that cause every man feels such addictive love that will fall at your feet just a moment of your attention. This is so laughably easy to master that you’ll be using commands on that one special man by as early as tonight and seeing “Mind Boggling” results. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80 years old. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, chunky or skinny. It works for women of all ages and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a breakup situation, looking to woo that gorgeous man or just want your boyfriend or husband to fulfill your wishes. It works in any and all types of relationship situations.

What is Love Commands?

Love Commands is a “Psychological Hidden Message” that provoke any man to feel so much addictive love that he’ll fall at your feet just for a moment of your attention. Once these messages enter his brain, his bloodstream will be shot with such as an intense feeling of addictive love that his body, heart, and head will scream together “ I need this woman badly, 3” and he won’t hunger for, desire or even want to look at any other women who isn’t you. You need to do just three things to get your man, that is below..

Number 1: Listen “Psychological Hidden Message” closely.

Number 2: Pick any man you desire. Even that man who has bluntly rejected you.

Number 3: Use these “Hidden Messages” on him exactly as described and notice how a sudden avalanche of desire erupts inside him.

First, his heart will start to race. Next, his breathing will get faster. And suddenly, he will experience a thousand different feelings of passionate love that makes him want to possess you, capture you, and make you his forever and ever. And suddenly, he will experience a thousand different feelings of passionate love that makes him want to possess you, capture you, and make you his forever and ever.

How Does Love Commands Program Works?

“Psychological Hidden Message” cause the male brain to release something called norepinephrine also known as the excitement hormone. Have you ever seen lovers who are so head over heels with each other that they talk all night and can’t go without a moment of longing to touch or see one another? That’s because they’re high on this very hormone. It leads to a special kind of “lovesickness” where a man’s imagination just can’t rest. And he falls neck deep in love with whoever happens to be nearby when this hormone is circling his body. These hidden messages are very quickly absorbed by the deeper parts of a man’s mind that cause a rapid change in his body chemistry. This happens very quickly, in fact, you will probably see results overnight. Now the same man who rejected you will turn into a love drunk fool who wants to be near you more than he wants to breathe.

If you’re single, men will chase you to the point of madness and will make fools out of themselves just to win you over. The same commitment phobic man will now desperately kneel at your feet and will gently slide a ring across your finger to seal the deal forever. It doesn’t stop yet. That ex who went into the arms of another woman will now feel that every second away from you is a massive punishment and will be dying to make you his all over again. And that husband or boyfriend who has fallen out of love will now find you so irresistible that he will kiss you all night long and then start all over again the next day.

What Will You Learn From Love Commands?

Candy Love Command- This activates the male hormonal system immediately. Now he will find you to be the most attractive women to ever exist on this planet.

Knot Of Commitment command- Knot Of Commitment command and watch how he suddenly finds you to be everything he’s ever desired in his last dream wife.

The ” Instant Lovebirds” command- The ” Instant Lovebirds” command will make him feel that you are the complete package- A lover, a soulmate, an incredible friend, a better half for life and will just grab you and hug the life out of you.

Be My Darling Command- Watch how every word, every touch and every glance you throw his way. Turns into this high that he never wants to come down from. Now he will be so obsessed that he could spend all 24 hours in a day with you.

I am your Lady Command- Discover the I am your Lady Command- this intensifies his feeling for you to such a crazy level that he won’t wish to talk to any other woman but you. Won’t want to see or hear any other woman who isn’t you. Now he will hunger for you in a way that he has never hungered for any other woman before.

Total Devotion command- This turns you into his personal passion and obsession. Now he will try to study you like a book and discover every little thing that pleases you. In fact, there is nothing you could ever say or do that will make him love you less and won’t stop saying I love you to you all day long.

Attraction Fire Cracker Command- Use this on any man on the very first date and watch how he instantly finds you more attractive. Hotter and sexier than any woman he’s ever come across. He will crave your nearness so much that he won’t be able to stop his fingers from texting you sweet little compliments all day long.

Desire Reset command- Use this command on him and watch how he suddenly starts to miss you from his morning meal all the way till dinner. He will put your picture on his phone and will be so mentally turned on. That he won’t be abe to get enough of your eyes, your face, your hair and your body.

Love Me Again Command- It is almost immediately his mind will start to play mental messages as I miss her, I want her I need her back in my life. And he will do everything humanly possible to have you back as fast as possible.

I am the Master Command- It will also show you how to get a man to do anything that pleases you by using the I am the Master Command. He will spend each new day making a million scarifies for you and will go out of his way to make you feel so special. So wanted and so needed that he will constantly tell you. There is nothing more important to me than seeing a pretty little smile on your beautiful face. I will do anything to make you happy.

Queen of Seduction Command- Try this on him tonight and see how he suddenly comes near you, deeply gazes into your eyes and says I can’t hide it anymore. You turn me on in ways I didn’t even know existed and will desire to embrace you, kiss you, and becomes one with you over and over again.

I am your prince’s command – This will make that one special man look at you as the most precious part of his life.

Feeling Enhancer Command – Use this command and notice how he suddenly finds you more and more beautiful with every passing moment and will always say – “You are everything to me and more.

Freeze de-freeze command – Use this command and watch how he suddenly talks to you for hours upon hours about matters closest to his heart and never gets bored of it.


  • Hypnotic Obsession.
  • Sweet Whispers.
  • Viral Feelings Of Love.


  • Love commands course is extremely fun and ridiculously easy.
  • The whole ordering process is extremely simple and quick.
  • You will receive the manual right away after order….It’s an E-book in PDF format…that means you can instantly download it to your computer, tablet or phone.
  • You will learn how a simple command that one special man feels so much in love with you.
  • That you override every other thought in his head and he won’t be able to get you out of his mind not even for a minute, be it day or night.
  • The techniques you will learn from this program won’t just work for you today or tomorrow but rather, they will continue to work for you the rest of your life.
  • Love commands program comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


  • Love commands program available in online only.
  • Without an internet connection, you cannot access this program.


Are you ready to use the Love Commands and have that one special man treat you like the rarest jewel that he just can’t afford to lose? I highly recommend this guide. Love commands guide is prepared for every woman who wants to get a man that is adorable, affectionate and a perfect man for them. It triggers strong emotions that make him feel deeply attached to you. Getting this course is the best decision you’ve ever made in your life. And it doesn’t stop there. Once you do that, you can finally sit back, relax & enjoy. As many as you use these commands on not on;y feels extremely love but also gets so deeply mesmerized that he will be desperately hungry for your heart, attention for all 365 days of the year.

If over the next 60 days you don’t notice that almost every man finds himself going mental with love for you. Or you don’t like this program for any reason. You just an email to the author he will refund your every single penny.

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